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Robert Noah Biography

Robert Noah Biography: Robert Noah is a well-known chef, businessman, media personality, and Internet personality (born between 1935 and 1938; age: 83 and 86). He is well-known for being the father of South African comedian Trevor Noah, who is well-known throughout the country. In ‘The Daily show,’ Trevor Noah appeared as a host. Additionally, he performed stand-up frequently in South Africa. Robert is a well-known chef, according to Trevor Noah.

Robert Noah Biography

Robert has jobs in both Canada and New York. In addition, he launched Johannesburg’s first integrated restaurant. To learn more about Trevor the comedian’s father, scroll down the page.

Robert Noah Biography

Biography of Robert Noah (Birthday & Early Life)

Wiki of Robert Noah Noah was born sometime between 1935 and 1938. Nothing regarding his place of birth has been revealed. Robert is of Swiss-German origin, according to Trevor’s Wikipedia. This leads us to believe that either Switzerland or Germany is his place of origin.

He traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa in the early 1980s before relocating to Cape Town. He will be between 83 and 86 years old in 2021. Robert is a businessman with a good education. He enrolled at a local high school to pursue his high school education. He hasn’t provided any information about his academic background.

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Family of Robert Noah

Robert Noah hid the truth about his parents from the public. However, if we were to discuss the parents of his wife, Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah, her mother’s name would be Nomaliza Frances Noah. Robert practices Christianity in addition to this. He is a white person of German and Swiss ancestry.

Name of Wife, Girlfriend, and Married Life of Robert Noah

Robert, then a teenager, was a bright young man. He traveled to South Africa in the 1980s to work in marketing. Here, he fell in love with Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah. Let me tell you that Nombuyiselo Noah was only 24 years old and Robert Noah was 46 years old. It was illegal for Africans to marry White people in the 1980s.

For several months, Robert and Patricia kept their relationship a secret. All the issues began after the birth of their kid on February 20, 1984, when the authorities learned that a black woman was dating a white man. As a result, she was given a fine and jail sentence.

Their son was delivered to the house of his maternal grandmother. Patricia Nombuyiselo reportedly wed Ngisaveni Abel Shingange in the early 1990s. Issac and Andrew, the couple’s two children, were born into the world. She was once beaten with bicycle parts by Ngisaveni Abel. She escaped with her kids from her house.

According to rumors, Patricia made the decision to marry Sfiso Khoza in 2009. Abel was so envious that he repeatedly shot Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah in the face. She was also shot in the jaw, making it impossible for her to even talk. Well, she got by.

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Who is Trevor Noah, the son of Robert Noah?

Except for Patricia Nombuyiselo, Robert has kept his former relationships a secret. On February 20, 1984, Patricia and Robert welcomed their son. Trevor Noah was his given name. Trevor is a well-known South African actor, television personality, comedian, host, and writer.

He became well-known for his superb acting abilities and pitching tone. People enjoyed his jokes a lot since they are generally quite relatable. Additionally, he has appeared in a number of humor programs, including The Daily Show, Strictly Come Dancing and South African Broadcasting Corporation. Let me mention that he also wrote the book “Born a Crime,” which is based on his own experiences.

Trevor Noah and Father Robert Noah’s Divorce

Under normal conditions, Robert couldn’t see his son because the police would throw them in jail. The height of racism was in the 1980s. According to the reports, Robert only met Trevor on Sundays, and the two of them frequently dine out to enjoy his favorite food. Later, Robert relocated from Johannesburg to Cape Town, South Africa.

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