Best Restaurants in Johannesburg

Best Restaurants in Johannesburg

Are you soon going to Johannesburg? We’ve investigated some of Johannesburg’s top eateries and developed a guide that we hope will be useful to you as you look for a restaurant.

Best Restaurants in Johannesburg

It is well known that Johannesburg is the biggest city in South Africa. Since Johannesburg is the provincial capital and the largest city in Gauteng, the majority of major businesses and banks establish their headquarters there. But tucked away within all of its fascinating histories is a small group of top-notch eateries with incredible menus, top-notch cuisine, and first-rate service. We took care to include all of your favorite places in this list of Johannesburg eateries.


Here are our picks for Johannesburg’s top eateries. without regard to order.

Best Restaurants in Johannesburg

  • Marble Restaurants

The highly anticipated opening of Marble, the brainchild of restaurateur David Higgs and businessman Gary Kyriacou, did not disappoint in the least. The eatery takes live-fire cooking to new heights of sophistication and innovation.

The restaurant’s menu includes everything from complex meals with a Mediterranean influence to sour Thai infusions and Argentinian barbecue grills. Using only locally obtained, seasonally appropriate ingredients.

Hours of operation: Monday through Sunday, 12 pm to 10 pm
They offer takeout and in-person service.
(Google reviews) Rating: 4.5
Phone number: 010 594 5550
Address: 19 Keyes and Jellicoe Avenue, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196

  • Momo Baohaus Greenside

Momo is an Asian-fusion restaurant where you can chow down on dishes like their Bao buns, Firecracker Prawns, which are served with puffed vermicelli, sriracha, togarashi spice, and wasabi mayo, or their deep-fried buns with a salted caramel dip for dessert, to mention a few. Their other franchisees may be found in places like Rosebank, Fourways, and Bryanston.

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Monday through Sunday, 11 am to 9:30 pm
They provide sit-in, delivery, and takeout as service options.
(Google reviews) Rating: 4.4
Address: 139 Greenway, Greenside, Randburg, 2034 Phone: 010 900 4889

Level Four Restaurant

The Level Four Restaurant in Rosebank, which is located at 54 on Bath, offers superb gourmet dining. The menu offers classic ideas that have been creatively and flavorfully reinvented.


The creative flavor and texture combinations will keep you coming back for more. The experience is enhanced by the urban setting, first-rate service, and limited-edition CWG auction wines.

Hours of operation: 6:30 am to 10:30 am, 12 pm to 3 pm, and 6 pm to 10 pm, Monday through Sunday.
Their range of services: (Google reviews) Sit-in rating: 4.6
Phone number: 011 344 8442

54 on Bath Hotel is located at 54 Bath Avenue in Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196.


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