Dar Lux Bus Online Booking

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Dar Lux Bus Online Booking: With the assistance of highly visionary Tanzanian businesspeople and seasoned professionals, consultants, and experts, Dar Lux Bus is a singular current generation of a private bus companies in Tanzania.

They specialize in offering exceptional passenger and package delivery services throughout East Africa. The security of their customers is one of their key objectives.


As a result, they have implemented tight quality controls and evaluations for both their drivers and hosts/hostesses.

To better protect passengers, all drivers get in-house training as well as frequent refresher courses in addition to the standard requirements for passenger licenses.


DarLux Fleet Line of buses

Dar Lux Bus has a variety of buses in its fleet. When the firm was first established, it began with Chinese Higher for roughly 5 years before expanding its selection.

They currently use Chinese Yutong and Weichai-powered Marcopolo buses from the G7 series to run their operations.

Their buses are designed with a lot of onboard entertainment and are available in Semi Luxury and Luxury Classes. They feature 2 by 2 and 2 by 1 seating arrangements in their buses to ensure your comfort as you travel.


Each seat has a USB charging station for your smartphone, and the recliners provide enough room for your legs. Additionally, you can get complimentary soda, juice, bottled water, and snacks when you board the aircraft.

Dar Lux Bus Online Booking

Routes for Dar Lux buses

Dear sir/madam, From Mwanza
Dear sir/madam, From Mbeya
Dear sir/madam, To Dar es Salaam in Arusha Namanga to Nairobi
Dear sir/madam, From Tunduma
Da Salaam From Kahama
Bukoba to Dar es Salaam

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Plot No. 29363 Contact Information for the Dar Lux Bus Office.

East African country of Tanzania’s Dar es Salam is home to Tanzania and China Friendship Textiles Flats, Shekilango Business Area, Morogoro Road, P.O. Box 12233.

Dar Lux Bus Online Booking

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