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How to Apply for a Canadian Study Visa

You need to know how to apply to universities now that you’ve made the decision to study in Canada. Here, we cover everything from language and academic prerequisites to submission dates and paperwork.

How to Apply for a Canadian Study Visa

Canada’s hospitable citizens and exciting cities make it a top choice for many international students. If you’ve made up your mind to start applying to study there, we’ll walk you through the procedure, what it entails, and how to get started.

Recognizing Canada’s higher education system


Over 200 universities are located in practically all of Canada’s provinces. At these universities, you’ll graduate with a degree of the highest caliber and have the option to choose your own undergraduate advisor.


You’ll have a better chance of finding courses that are right for you at one of Canada’s many colleges if you want a more vocational higher education experience. Here, instruction is more hands-on, with students receiving technical training and developing skills that can be immediately applied to a future career.

You will typically receive a diploma at the conclusion of your education, which is a fantastic addition to your CV or resume.
Before making any final selections, keep in mind that the college you choose to apply to as an overseas student must be recognized as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

Deadlines for important Applications

The academic year at Canadian institutions normally lasts from the beginning of September to the end of April, after which time you have the option of continuing your studies during the summer if you so desire.

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In most colleges, the academic year is divided into three terms: Fall (September through December), Winter (January through April), and Summer (May – July). You might be able to start your course in the trimester of your choosing, while the typical entry times are September and January, depending on where and what you study.

If you’re the type of person who likes to apply ahead of time, you can often do so starting 11 months before your start date. Although deadlines can vary because each university has its own application process, in general, you need to submit your application well before the start date, as specified by the university.

Generally speaking, we suggest starting your search for schools and programs at least a year before you plan to enroll in classes.

This will give you plenty of time to narrow down your alternatives and gather all the required paperwork.

Although there is no restriction on the number of Canadian universities you may apply to, we advise you not to apply to more than five so that you can concentrate your efforts.

How to Apply for a Canadian Study Visa

In Canada, there is no centralized application process for universities. Instead, you have two choices: submitting your application through a provincial portal or the university’s admissions website directly (not available in all provinces).

If you’re applying to many institutions in the same province, using a provincial application site, like Ontario Universities Application Centre, can be a terrific method to expedite the process.

They are safe and secure, operated at the provincial level, and eliminate the need to get familiar with many admissions websites.

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Using a provincial portal to apply offers no overall advantages. Your application won’t receive a different treatment. Therefore, it’s okay if you’d rather send it directly to the university.

No matter what,

Best Application Advice

Here are a few last pointers:

To truly obtain a sense of the environment, participate in an Open Day / Open House tour of the university (either in person or digitally).

Utilize the offices for foreign admissions, where you may find knowledgeable experts to address all of your inquiries.

Accept any assistance you are given. It’s never a bad idea to have someone else review your application before you submit it.

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