How to Apply For A Fundi Loan

How Does Fundi Student Loan Work

We are happy to inform you about How to Apply For A Fundi Loan: Fundi give education loans to students, these loans can cover the cost of registration fees and outstanding balances. This is how you can get a quote and apply for a loan.

How to Apply For A Fundi Loan

How to Apply For A Fundi Loan

1) Visit the FUNDI website (this link will take you to the home page)


2) Click Menu & select ‘Education Funding’. This will be under the ‘Financial Solutions’ category

3) Choose the type of loan that you want (You can choose between private education or tertiary education).

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4) Click ‘Apply Now once you have made your choice


5) You will then have to register to create your account

6) Follow the instructions to fill in all of your details.

You can also call or email Fundi to get a quote for your loan.


Tel: 0860 55 55 44

Email: [email protected]

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