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How to Apply for UniCollege 2024/2025

How to Apply for UniCollege 2024/2025: The UniCollege Application 2024/2025 Admission Registration Form has been released, and opportunitynotify.com has brought the step-by-step guide to help the Applicant access the UniCollege Online Application Form 2024/2025.

How to Apply for UniCollege

How to Apply for UniCollege 2024/2025

Online Application for Admission to UniCollege 2024/2025 undergraduate Qualifications (Higher Certificates, advanced certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas and degrees) will be open Soon and close for not to miss always be checking on this page’s follow up…

Everyone wanting to start a new qualification at UniCollege for 2024 must apply for admission. This kind of application includes:

  • All first-time UniCollege applicants.
  • Those who previously applied for admission and were not offered a space.
  • All those who were offered a space, accepted the offer and did not register.
  • Students completing a higher certificate or any other programme and wish to continue with further undergraduate studies.

Your admission to UniCollege will only depend on you meeting the specific admission requirements for your chosen qualification. If you don’t qualify for your chosen programme, your application will not be processed. You may also pay an online application fee like R125.00 once you have received a student number from UniCollege.

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Supporting Documents for UniCollege Application 2024/2025

Apply applicants must ensure that documents are scanned and uploaded to an electronic device before starting the application process. Below is a list of supporting documents for your online application:

  • A copy of your school qualification such as Senior Certificate
  • A copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree (if applicable)
  • Copy of your ID document (RSA students) or ID/passport (international students).
  • You’re sworn translations of documents if they are not in English or Afrikaans.
  • Copy of your official tertiary academic record (if applicable).
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Apply to Study at UniCollege for 2024/2025

The UniCollege Application for Admission to the 2024/2025 academic year is basically online. To submit an online application, follow the step-by-step below:

  • Go to UniCollege website
  • Click on Apply for Admission at the top menu of the page
  • Select two (2) possible qualifications and rank them in order of preference
  • Fill out the online form and make sure your application is complete
  • Then, upload your supporting documents. Documents must be certified within the last three (3) months.
  • Pay the application fee once you’ve received a student number from UniCollege
  • Submit your application for evaluation. You will receive an SMS or email message after UniCollege has finish evaluating the application.

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Contact UniCollege for More Help

For more information on how to apply to UniCollege, you can visit the official website.

Possibility, you can contact UniCollege Admissions Department using the Link

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