Last Chance To Register At Unisa For Semester 2

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We are happy to inform you about the Last Chance To Register At Unisa For Semester 2

Last Chance To Register At Unisa For Semester 2

Unisa students who have not yet registered for Semester 2 are running out of time as the deadline approaches. However, some students who have registered could not complete the process.


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Unisa opened their registration period for Semester 2 on 3 July and announced that it will close today, 28 July, after being extended for two more weeks.

Last Chance To Register At Unisa For Semester 2

This registration period is meant for students wanting to register for undergraduate qualifications, honors degrees, postgraduate diplomas, MBA, and MBL qualifications.


How To Submit Your Online Unisa Registration

  1. Visit the Unisa registration website:
  2. Choose the qualification level and then click “Go“.
  3. Enter your student number in the block provided and the other details as required. (If you do not have a student number, you won’t be able to continue. You’ll need to apply online for admission. During this process, a student number will be generated and communicated to you.)
  4. Check your personal details on the screen: Change any contact details that are incorrect or missing. (Incorrect information may delay the delivery of your study material and prevent you from receiving important information from the university. Therefore it is important to provide your correct address and cellphone numbers.)
  5. Click on the modules from the drop-down list for which you want to register. Ensure that you meet all the qualification requirements for your selected modules. You must: meet all the pre-requisites and co-requisites for the selected module, enter the correct module code, and select the correct semester (1 = first semester; 2 = second semester)
  6. The language of tuition for each module is stated in the module information.
  7. Do not exceed the prescribed number of modules per semester or year, as this may result in a delay in your registration being processed: Unisa retains the right to remove modules based on the number of credits allowed per semester and in accordance with the fees paid. (Please take note of the maximum period of time you have to complete your qualification.)
  8. Calculate your fees
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How To Track Your Unisa Registration

  1. Go to the UNISA Registration Status website
  2. Enter your personal information for verification purposes.
  3. Enter your student number in the space provided.
  4. Enter your surname
  5. Enter your full first names
  6. Select your date of birth
  7. Click on “Continue”
  8. You should then be able to check the status of your Unisa registration

Earlier this week, the University released a statement about students who are unable to register, instructing them on what steps to take next.

Unreleased Exam Results Meant Some Students Can’t Register

With only a few days left for Unisa registration to take place, the University released a statement addressing some urgent matters, including issues that have arisen. One such issue is that students are unable to register due to their results for the May/June exams not yet being released.


Unisa said that around 3% of results are outstanding, explaining:

The university is aware that some students are unable to complete their registration as a result of outstanding results … These are expected to be released before registration closes.

Students do however not need to worry as Unisa has said that “officials are working around the clock to ensure that the outstanding results from the May/June examinations are released as a matter of urgency”.


Students Who Have Outstanding Debt And Couldn’t Register

Students who have to still pay their last year’s Unisa fees but who are left with a maximum of two modules to complete their qualification are being allowed to register during this registration period. They must however submit and have their Acknowledgement of Debt (AOD) form approved.

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NSFAS Outcomes Are Delayed And Affect Students’ Registration

NSFAS-funded students have also been experiencing delays with their funding decisions. However, Unisa has said that these students will be allowed to register.

Their registration will be subject to terms and conditions and will have a similar arrangement as the one mentioned for students with outstanding fees.


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