28 Prayer Points For Salvation Of Loved Ones

Prayer Points For Salvation Of Loved Ones

Prayer Points For Salvation Of Loved Ones; Embarking on a transformative journey toward the salvation of our loved ones is a profound and heartfelt endeavor. In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel into the spiritual realm, exploring powerful prayer points designed to illuminate the path of salvation for those dearest to us.

Through this exploration, we unlock the secrets of effective prayer, cultivating an environment where faith, belief, and divine intervention converge to bring about a profound change in the lives of our family and friends. Join us as we navigate the spiritual landscape, discovering the key prayer points that serve as beacons of hope on the journey to salvation.


Prayer Points For Salvation Of Loved Ones

Praying for the salvation of loved ones is a beautiful and powerful act of love. It demonstrates your care for their eternal well-being and your trust in God’s grace. Here are 28 prayer points to guide you:


1. Surrender and Trust

Father, I surrender my loved ones to you completely. I trust in your perfect timing and plan for their lives.


2. Openness to the Gospel

Lord, soften the hearts of my loved ones and open their ears to hear the Gospel message.

3. Conviction of Sin

Holy Spirit, convict my loved ones of their sin and need for a Savior.


4. Repentance and Forgiveness

Grant my loved ones the grace to repent of their sins and receive your forgiveness.

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5. Faith in Jesus Christ

Father, awaken faith in Jesus Christ in the hearts of my loved ones.


6. Understanding of God’s Love

Help my loved ones to understand the depth and breadth of your love for them.


7. Guidance and Wisdom

Lord, guide my loved ones on their spiritual journey and grant them wisdom in their decisions.


8. Protection from Evil

Protect my loved ones from the evil one and all his schemes.

9. Removal of Obstacles

Remove any obstacles that hinder my loved ones from coming to you.


10. Joy and Peace

Fill my loved ones with your joy and peace that surpasses all understanding.

11. Desire for God’s Word

Plant a hunger and thirst for your word in the hearts of my loved ones.

12. Community and Fellowship

Draw my loved ones into a loving community of believers where they can grow in their faith.


13. Boldness to Share their Faith

Give my loved ones the boldness to share their faith with others.

14. Patience and Perseverance

Grant me patience and perseverance as I pray for the salvation of my loved ones.

15. Specific Prayers for Each Person

Pray for each of your loved ones by name, mentioning their specific needs and desires.


16. Use Scripture

Incorporate verses from the Bible into your prayers, such as John 3:16 or Romans 10:9-10.

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17. Pray with Others

Pray with other believers for the salvation of your loved ones.

18. Worship and Thanksgiving

Express your gratitude to God for his love and mercy, even before you see the answer to your prayers.


19. Intercede for Salvation and Growth

Pray not only for their initial salvation but also for their continued growth in Christ.

20. Pray for Their Spiritual Gifts

Ask God to reveal and develop their spiritual gifts for the benefit of the church.

21. Pray for Their Relationships

Pray for healthy and fulfilling relationships with other believers and family members.


22. Pray for Their Service to God

Ask God to guide them in using their talents and abilities to serve him.

23. Pray for Their Financial Needs

Pray for God to provide for their financial needs so they can focus on their spiritual growth.

24. Pray for Their Physical Health

Pray for their physical health and well-being.


25. Pray for Their Emotional Healing

Pray for healing from any past hurts or traumas that may be hindering their spiritual growth.

26. Pray for Their Protection

Pray for their protection from physical and spiritual harm.

27. Pray for Their Future

Pray for God’s guidance and direction for their future.


28. Persevere in Prayer

Never give up hope and continue to pray for the salvation of your loved ones, even when it seems difficult.

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Remember, God is always listening to our prayers, and he loves your loved ones just as much as you do. Trust in his perfect timing and faithfulness, and never give up hope for their salvation.



The quest for the salvation of our loved ones is a thread of immense significance. As we conclude our exploration of prayer points tailored for this purpose, we find ourselves standing at the crossroads of faith and divine connection. These prayer points are not mere words; they are gateways to spiritual enlightenment, fostering stronger family bonds, dispelling doubt, and providing comfort in times of turmoil.

May the insights gained here serve as a guiding light on your journey, as you unlock spiritual doors and usher in the transformative power of prayer for the salvation of your loved ones. Remember, the path to salvation is unique for each, but through prayer, we navigate it with hope, faith, and unwavering determination.

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