20 Powerful Prayer Points On Fresh Fire

Prayer Points On Fresh Fire

It is time to ask for fresh fire if you have been depressed or have experienced any kind of loss. It is also time to ask for fresh fire if you have noticed that your prayers are no longer being answered as quickly as they once were. Finally, if you find yourself constantly arguing with people around you because you are unhappy with the way your life is going, it is time to ask for fresh fire.

The works of darkness are consumed by new fire (Psalm 97:3). With Prayer Points on Fresh Fire, everything you’ve lost will be made whole. New fire helps you resist temptations, new fire makes you angry at the sins you once loved, and new fire keeps you engaged spiritually.


Prayer Points On Fresh Fire

The fire of God’s presence is a potent force that consumes apathy, dispels darkness, and inspires us to live meaningful lives. However, there are moments when the flames dim and flicker, leaving us longing for a new revelation of His Spirit. Join us at these prayer points if you feel that you need this rekindling to kindle a new fire inside of you.


Acknowledgment and Repentance

1. Father, I confess any ways I’ve quenched Your fire in my life through sin, neglect, or worldly distractions. Forgive me and cleanse me with Your purifying flame.


2. Lord, reveal any hidden areas where your fire cannot fully penetrate. Show me where I need to surrender my control and allow Your Spirit to refine me.

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Receiving the Holy Spirit

3. Holy Spirit, I open my heart wide to you. Fill me afresh with Your consuming fire, let it burn away all impurities, and make me a vessel of Your glory.


4. Baptize me in Your fire, Holy Spirit, and empower me to walk in boldness, sharing Your love and truth with the world.

Transformation and Character Building

5. Let your fire refine my character, Lord. Burn away pride, selfishness, and bitterness, and mold me into the image of Christ.


6. Grant me the fire of passion for Your Word, Lord. Help me diligently study and apply Your teachings, letting them transform my thoughts and actions.


7. Light the fire of compassion in my heart, Lord. Make me sensitive to the needs of others, and lead me to be Your instrument of healing and hope.


Power and Purpose

8. Equip me with your fire, Lord, to overcome any obstacles that stand in my way. Let Your power break through limitations and guide me to fulfill Your purpose for my life.

9. Empower me with Your fire to be a witness for You, Lord. Give me the courage and boldness to speak Your truth and lead others to Your light.


10. Let Your fire of evangelism blaze through me, Lord. Draw people to You through my words and actions, and ignite a hunger for Your presence in their hearts.

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Spiritual Warfare and Protection

11. Surround me with your protective fire, Lord. Shield me from the attacks of the enemy and keep me safe in Your embrace.

12. Let your fire consume any demonic influences in my life, Lord. Break down strongholds of fear, doubt, and negativity, and set me free in Your victory.


Ministry and Service

13. Fill me with your fire for ministry, Lord. Give me the wisdom and discernment to serve Your people and bring Your blessings into their lives.

14. Let your fire of love and unity burn brightly in our community, Lord. Break down walls of division and build bridges of understanding and reconciliation.

Personal Growth and Renewal

15. Keep your fire burning brightly within me, Lord, even in times of trial and difficulty. Let your flames be my source of strength and hope.


16. Renew my passion for You, Lord, and keep me walking in the freshness of Your Spirit. Help me never grow complacent or lose sight of Your amazing grace.

Intercession and Global Impact

17. Let your fire of prayer burn within me, Lord. Grant me a burden for the lost and hurting, and lead me to intercede for their needs with faith and power.

18. Release Your fire of revival upon our nation and the world, Lord. Ignite a hunger for Your presence and transform lives with Your love and power.

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Praise and Thanksgiving

19. I praise You, Lord, for the gift of Your Holy Spirit, the fire that consumes darkness and brings forth light. Thank you for your unfailing love and grace.

20. Let my life be a constant reflection of Your fire, Lord, radiating Your love, joy, and hope to all the world. Amen.



Through the moments spent in prayer, we have tapped into the divine source of strength, passion, and purpose. Remember, the fire kindled in the secret place of prayer is not meant to be contained; it is a flame intended to illuminate the world around us. Recall this as the sound of your prayers fades: the fire is not just started; it is maintained. The fuel that keeps the flames dancing is your unwavering faith in His promises, your daily surrender to His will, and your commitment to personal growth.

Now, radiate the warmth of God’s presence as you go forth. Spread His light to a world that cries out for its embrace. Let your life serve as a living example of the Holy Spirit’s ability to transform lives and a ray of hope for anyone looking for the fire of renewal. It is ultimately more important to walk in the light and allow the fire of God’s love to transform you for eternity than it is to simply light a flame.

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