20 Powerful Prayer Points On Increase

Powerful Prayer Points On Increase

The pursuit of spiritual and material growth has been a timeless endeavor. Rooted in faith and guided by a profound connection with the divine, individuals embark on a journey marked by prayer points—specific, intentional, and heartfelt expressions of their desires and aspirations.

The concept of “Prayer Points on Increase” explores a transformative approach to prayer, unlocking doors to spiritual growth, divine favor, financial prosperity, personal development, and more. As we look into the profound significance and effective crafting of these prayer points, we unravel a path toward a life rich in blessings and abundance.


Prayer Points On Increase

Prayer points serve as beacons of guidance. Focused prayers help individuals deepen their connection with the divine, fostering a profound spiritual journey. As we align our desires with God’s will through these prayer points, we open ourselves to transformative experiences and a heightened sense of purpose. Let’s explore these prayers points:


1. Gratitude for Current Blessings: Thank you, Lord, for the blessings I currently have. I acknowledge and appreciate them.


2. Wisdom for Financial Increase: Grant me wisdom to make sound financial decisions that lead to increase and prosperity.

3. Open Doors of Opportunity: Father, open doors of opportunity for career advancement, business growth, and personal development.


4. Favor in Relationships: May I experience favor in my relationships, both personally and professionally, leading to increased support and cooperation.

5. Divine Guidance: Guide my steps, Lord, so that I may walk in alignment with your plans for my life, experiencing increase in all areas.

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6. Abundance in Health: Grant me good health and vitality, so that I may have the strength to pursue my goals and experience overall well-being.


7. Spiritual Growth: Help me grow spiritually, deepening my relationship with you and increasing my faith in your promises.


8. Overflowing Joy: Fill my heart with joy and contentment, despite circumstances, as I trust in your ability to bring increase.

9. Breakthrough in Stagnant Areas: Lord, break through any stagnation in my life, bringing refreshing and a season of increase.


10. Prosperity in Endeavors: Bless the work of my hands, Lord, and let my efforts lead to prosperity and success.

11. Protection from Setbacks: Shield me from setbacks and obstacles that may hinder my progress, allowing for continuous increase.

12. Cultivate a Generous Heart: Teach me to be generous, sharing the blessings I receive with others, and in turn, experience increase.


13. Financial Debt Freedom: Break the chains of financial debt in my life, leading to financial freedom and increase.

14. Harvest of Good Seeds: Let the good seeds I’ve sown in various aspects of my life yield a bountiful harvest of increase.

15. Anointing for Excellence: Anoint me with the spirit of excellence in all that I do, leading to increased favor and success.


16. Expansion of Influence: Expand my influence, Lord, that I may positively impact the lives of those around me.

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17. Restoration of Lost Opportunities: Restore any opportunities or blessings that may have been lost or missed, bringing about an increase.

18. Courage to Take Risks: Grant me the courage to step out of my comfort zone, taking calculated risks that lead to greater increase.


19. A Heart of Gratitude: Cultivate in me a heart of gratitude, recognizing and appreciating the increase that comes my way.

20. Alignment with Your Will: May my desires align with your will, Lord, so that the increase I seek is in accordance with your plan for my life.



The art of crafting prayer points becomes a poignant brushstroke, adding vibrancy to the canvas of one’s spiritual and earthly journey. As we conclude our exploration into “Prayer Points On Increase,” the echoes of intentional prayers linger, resonating with the promises of divine favor and the anticipation of spiritual and material abundance.

May these prayer points not only serve as a means of communication with the divine but also as an invitation to witness the transformative power of faith. The journey of increase, marked by these heartfelt prayers, is not just a pursuit; it’s a sacred dance between the believer and the divine, where each step is guided by trust, gratitude, and the unwavering belief that, indeed, prayer changes everything.

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