15 Powerful Prayer Points On The Woman With The Issue Of Blood

Prayer Points On The Woman With The Issue Of Blood

The story of the Woman with the Issue of Blood stands out as a testament to unwavering faith, perseverance, and the transformative power of divine intervention. This woman, mentioned in the Gospel of Mark 5:25-34, exhibited extraordinary courage as she reached out to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, believing in the profound healing he could bring.

Prayer Points On The Woman With The Issue Of Blood

As we explore the depths of her journey, we recognize the relevance of her story in our lives today. Join us as we explore specific prayer points for the woman with the issue of blood, seeking to connect with the divine for healing, restoration, and spiritual wholeness.


1. Faith-Filled Approach:

Dear Lord, help me approach my challenges with unwavering faith, just like the woman with the issue of blood. May I believe that touching the hem of your garment brings healing?
 Matthew 9:20-22


2. Persistence in Seeking Healing

Heavenly Father, grant me the persistence to seek healing continuously, even in the face of long-standing issues. May I press on with determination until I receive my breakthrough.
Mark 5:25-34


3. Recognition of Your Healing Power

Lord, open my eyes to recognize your healing power at work in my life. Let me acknowledge that even a touch of your virtue can transform my circumstances.
Mark 5:30

4. Confidence in Your Restorative Touch

Almighty God, instill in me the confidence that Your touch has the power to restore and renew every aspect of my life, just as it did for the woman with the issue of blood.
Mark 5:34

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5. Courage to Approach You Boldly

Father, grant me the courage to approach You boldly, reaching out for healing with unwavering confidence in Your mercy and grace.
Hebrews 4:16

6. Declaration of Healing

Lord, help me declare my healing with faith-filled words, trusting that my confession aligns with Your promises and brings about the manifestation of wholeness.
Mark 5:34


7. Recognition of Your Compassion

Merciful Father, make me aware of your compassion in times of suffering. Just as You had compassion on the woman with the issue of blood, shower Your mercy upon me.
Luke 7:13


8. Freedom from Shame and Stigma

God of liberation, free me from any shame or stigma associated with my challenges. Let me experience the liberation that comes from Your healing touch.
Mark 5:34


9. Release from the Grip of Desperation

Heavenly Father, release me from the grip of desperation and hopelessness. Let my faith in Your healing power override any despair that may try to take hold.
Mark 5:25-34

10. Gratitude for Past Miracles

Lord, remind me of the past miracles and testimonies in my life. May the memory of Your faithfulness fuel my belief in present and future healing.
Psalm 77:11-1


11. Alignment with Your Timing

God of perfect timing, help me align with Your divine schedule for my healing. Teach me patience as I await the appointed moment of restoration.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

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12. Surrender of Fear and Doubt

Almighty God, I surrender all fear and doubt concerning my healing to Your hands. Replace them with unwavering trust in your ability to bring about complete restoration.
Isaiah 41:10


13. Renewal of Body, Mind, and Spirit

Lord, I pray for a holistic renewal—body, mind, and spirit. Heal every aspect of my being, just as You made the woman with the issue of blood whole.
Mark 5:34

14. Connection to Your Healing Community

Gracious Father, guide me to connect with a community of believers who can support and stand with me in faith for my healing journey.
James 5:16

15. Testimony of Your Healing Grace

Heavenly Father, as You healed the woman with the issue of blood, let my life become a testimony of Your healing grace. May my story inspire others to seek you for their restoration.
Revelation 12:11



As we conclude our exploration of prayer points inspired by the Woman With the Issue of Blood, we are reminded that our faith-filled petitions are not in vain. The pages of Scripture reveal a compassionate and healing God, eager to respond to the cries of His children. Our prayers, like the desperate yet hopeful touch of the woman in the biblical account, reach out to the divine garment of Jesus Christ, trusting in His power to bring about miraculous transformations.

May these prayer points continue to resonate in the hearts of those interceding for healing and restoration, and may the God who healed the woman with the issue of blood also bring forth healing, comfort, and wholeness to all who earnestly seek Him. As we lift our voices in prayer, let us do so with unwavering faith, knowing that in the realm of divine grace, miracles still unfold. Amen.

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