Rhodes University Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements to study at Rhodes University

Admission Requirements to study at Rhodes University

Local or international students looking forward to applying study at Rhodes University, would need to meet the minimum requirements of the course they are applying. The eligibility criteria required, entry or admission requirements for students in order to apply for a particular course may vary per course.

As a general guide, students should present the following minimum requirements to be considered for admission to the Rhodes University.

Your application will only be considered for admission to the University if you qualify for Bachelor’s degree study AND you satisfy the faculty requirements. To qualify for with a Bachelor’s pass status, learners are required to take seven subjects, four of which are compulsory (two languages, Life Orientation and either Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy) and three of the learner’s own choice from the subjects on offer at the school.


To qualify for degree studies at Rhodes University, learners must pass:

English language at an achievement rating of 4 (50 – 59%) or above.

At least four of the seven subjects must be from the list of recommended subject list set out below and sutdents must have obtained an achievement rating of 4 (50 – 59%) or above.


Meet Faculty requirements:  subject requirements and percentage required.

PLEASE NOTE:  Obtaining the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance!

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Recommended subject list:


Accounting, Agricultural Science, Business Studies, Consumer Studies, Dramatic Arts, Engineering Graphics & Design, Economics, Geography, History, Information Technology, Languanges, Life Sciences, Mathematics / Mathematical Literacy, Music, Physical Science, Religion Studies, Visual Arts.

The minimum entry requirements for admission to Rhodes University in 2021 are set out in the following table below. Note (a) the point levels that are required (b) the differences in the achievement levels that are needed for Mathematical Literacy, (c) the need for Life and/or Physical Sciences for degrees in Science or Pharmacy.

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