SSP Full Form In Police 2023 | SSP Application Process

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SSP Full Form In Police 2023 | SSP Application Process: In the Indian states and union territories, the Superintendent of Police (SSP) is the second-highest-ranked police officer. They are in charge of investigating significant crimes as well as upholding law and order in the state or union area.

SSP Full Form In Police

Typically, the SSP is a member of the state police and answers to the Inspector General of Police (IGP). The SSP may occasionally be in control of a city police force as well. The SSP is in charge of making sure that all laws are upheld and that all criminals are prosecuted. In order to make sure that everyone is safe and secure, they also collaborate closely with the neighborhood.


Background of SSP

During the British Raj, the position of Superintendent of Police (SSP) was established in India. The enormous Indian colony needed a top police officer who could be in charge of upholding law and order, according to the British administration. Since the first SSP was appointed in 1829, other top police officers have filled the role.

The SSP is in charge of maintaining overall law and order in the state or union territory. They are also in charge of looking into major offenses. The SSP is also in charge of the growth and training of police officers.

Acp or Sp, Whose Rank Is Higher?

While an IPS officer is always the SP, a State Police Service (SPS) officer can be the ACP. Compared to the ACP value, the SP value is higher. ACP is an officer with the rank of DSP/ASP, which is below that of SP or DCP.

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