Where Is SCOAN Prayer Mountain Located

Where Is Scoan Prayer Mountain Located

Where is SCOAN Prayer Mountain Located? The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), led by the late Prophet T.B. Joshua, is a renowned Christian ministry that has touched the lives of many across the globe. Among the various spiritual practices embraced by SCOAN is the concept of the Prayer Mountain. This article aims to shed light on the location of SCOAN Prayer Mountain and its significance as a place of spiritual retreat and renewal.

Where Is Scoan Prayer Mountain Located

SCOAN Prayer Mountain is located in the Ikotun-Egbe area of Lagos, Nigeria. Nestled amidst the serene and picturesque surroundings of the region, it offers a tranquil environment for individuals seeking a deeper connection with God through prayer and solitude. The mountain is situated near the SCOAN headquarters, making it easily accessible to both local visitors and international pilgrims.


Notable Landmarks near SCOAN Prayer Mountain

  • Ikotun Market
  • Tafawa Balewa Square
  • National Museum Lagos
  • Lekki Conservation Centre

The Significance of SCOAN Prayer Mountain

A Place of Spiritual Solitude: SCOAN Prayer Mountain provides a secluded haven where individuals can temporarily detach themselves from the distractions and busyness of everyday life. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, visitors have the opportunity to spend uninterrupted time in prayer, meditation, and reflection, fostering a deeper communion with God.


A Place of Spiritual Warfare: SCOAN Prayer Mountain is seen as a spiritual battleground, where individuals engage in spiritual warfare through prayer and fasting. It is believed that by dedicating time to the mountain, individuals can confront and overcome spiritual challenges, finding strength and victory through their connection with God.

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Seeking Divine Intervention: Many people travel to SCOAN Prayer Mountain with specific prayer requests, seeking divine intervention in their lives. The mountain is believed to be a place where prayers are fervently offered and miraculous encounters with God occur. Visitors often bring their petitions, seeking healing, deliverance, breakthroughs, or guidance, and engage in intense prayer and supplication.

A Center for Spiritual Retreats: SCOAN occasionally organizes retreats and programs at the Prayer Mountain, inviting individuals to participate in focused periods of spiritual renewal. These retreats provide teachings, counselling, and moments of worship, allowing participants to deepen their faith, receive spiritual nourishment, and profoundly encounter God.


A Place for Divine Encounters: Visitors often report experiencing powerful encounters with God while on SCOAN Prayer Mountain. These encounters can manifest in various ways, such as visions, dreams, prophetic messages, or a heightened sense of God’s presence. Such experiences are believed to bring spiritual refreshment, guidance, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Teaching and Discipleship: SCOAN Prayer Mountain is often used as a venue for teaching and discipleship programs. Through seminars, workshops, and teachings, individuals can deepen their understanding of biblical principles, learn practical applications of their faith, and receive guidance on living a Christ-centered life. These opportunities for learning and discipleship contribute to personal growth and spiritual maturity.

Healing and Deliverance: Many individuals come to SCOAN Prayer Mountain seeking physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. It is believed to be a place where God’s power is manifested and miracles occur. Through prayer, the laying on of hands, and an atmosphere of faith, visitors anticipate experiencing divine healing and deliverance from various afflictions, bringing about restoration and wholeness.

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SCOAN Prayer Mountain, situated in the Ikotun-Egbe area of Lagos, Nigeria, serves as a sacred retreat for individuals seeking spiritual renewal, divine intervention, and deeper communion with God. Surrounded by the serene beauty of nature, it offers a space for solitude, prayer, and reflection. Whether it’s engaging in spiritual warfare, seeking divine encounters, or participating in organized retreats, SCOAN Prayer Mountain provides an environment conducive to fostering a stronger connection with God. As individuals ascend the mountain, they embark on a journey of faith, eagerly anticipating transformative experiences and encounters with the divine.

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