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What is the appropriate age for boarding school is a hot topic due to a variety of circumstances. Johannesburg Academic achievement is one of the great traditions and histories of boarding schools.

List of Private Tvet Colleges In South Africa

The question of whether boarding schools are appropriate for kids is dispelled by their dedication to helping kids achieve independence and self-discipline.


In order to provide your child with the finest high school boarding experience, this article has compiled a list of the best private and public boarding schools in Johannesburg.

These top-tier schools in Johannesburg provide welcoming boarding houses that are suited to educational pursuits. Additionally, they include typical recreational amenities that support maintaining the kids’ mental and physical health.

Obtaining details about the tuition costs, acceptance rates, and locations of these best boarding schools in Johannesburg is important.


It’s interesting to note that all of these are included in this piece; for a quick overview, see the table of contents below.

With regards to Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, the financial hub of South Africa, is also known as the Golden City, or Egoli. With roots in the 1800s gold and diamond discoveries, it is a major force in Gauteng, the richest of the country’s nine provinces.

The center of the city is now being impacted by a number of businesses, including mining, media, tourism, retail, and shopping. It is one of the biggest cities in Africa and the biggest metropolis in the entire nation. According to the most recent census, 4.5 million people call Johannesburg home.

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As a result, this city is a learning environment. It is home to some of the top colleges, universities, and high schools on the globe.

Johannesburg Public Boarding Schools

Boys’ High School in Jeppe
Kings Edward VII School St. Andrew’s School for Girls
Girls’ school: Rand Middle School
Girls’ school: Rand Middle School
Sandringham Senior High
St. Benedict’s College Parktown Boys High School

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