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How to Apply for Examination Assistants and Examination Quality Assurers

GDE Admission 2023/2024: Learn everything there is to know about the GDE Online Registration System and the Step By Step Guide For Admissions For 2023/2024. Register for GDE Admissions 2023 | GDE Online Admission 2023. To help you discover the information you need, this guide offers pertinent information regarding GDE Admissions 2023. Get information on GDE Admissions 2023 to save time.

GDE Admission


The Gauteng Department of Education is required to gradually provide early childhood education and compulsory basic education to all learners in the province, including those with special needs. Therefore, the Department works to ensure that all students in the province of Gauteng have access to high-quality instruction, learning, and evaluation.


The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) will begin accepting online applications for the 2023 academic year check below…


Please Note: Even if Grade R students apply to the schools where they are already enrolled, they will not be admitted to Grade 1 without application.

This means that all students who are currently enrolled in Grade R at a school or ECD center and who will turn 6 years old by June 30, 2023, as well as students who are not enrolled in any sort of school, must submit applications for admission to a minimum of three and a maximum of five schools.


How to Apply For GDE Admission 2023/2024

Parents or guardians can access the system by visiting and then taking these simple actions:

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STEP 1: Add a parent’s information.


STEP 2: Provide learner information


Apply to a school with space available in step three.


GDE Online Application 2023/2024

Within Seven Days of Applying, Parents and Guardians Must Upload or Send Certified Copies of The Following Documents:

1. IDs for the parents and kids or passports
2. Permit for Refugee
3. Permit for Asylum Seekers
4. Permit for Permanent Residence
Study Permit No. 5
6. Birth Certificate from South Africa
7. A copy of your proof of address at home; 8.
9. Most recent school report, clinic card, and vaccination report (Grade 1 only)

Please be aware that all of these documents must be supplied within seven days of submitting the online application for admission to the school.


In light of everything that has been said so far, it is clear that the procedures involved in GDE admissions are not at all difficult, despite the fact that someone who is unfamiliar with the procedure would be tempted to believe otherwise. Remember that in addition to applying online, the documents that must be presented to the school are crucial, whether you are a South African or not. The rationale is that it decides whether or not the child’s or ward’s admission will be processed.

If you have any issues contact the GDE Via

Contact us by phone at 0800 000 789 or by email at [email protected].

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