Matric Results Newspaper 2023 Pdf Download

Different Types of Matric Exemption Certificates

Download the 2023/2024 Newspaper for the Matric Results. Results from the National Senior Certificate midyear examinations are NOT included in the results displayed on this website; rather, they are the results of the particular topics written in the 2023 Senior Certificate midyear tests.

Matric Results Newspaper Pdf Download

Candidates will only receive a result status if they wrote and received results in six or more subjects; otherwise, the status will be listed as “Incomplete”, and the centers will have the Statement of Results available.


Due to technical limitations, some topic or candidate results might not appear in the results published on this page. The Department of Basic Education reserves the right to update any of the information published on its website. If you have any questions, please contact the center where you wrote or your district/provincial office.

Important: May/June 2023 will be your last chance to finish or improve your performance. From 1 October to 8 February 2023, you can register online or at a district office. Your Statement of Results’ reverse side lists the admission requirements.

Matric Results Release Date in 2023/2024

According to a recent announcement from the DBE (Department of Basic Education), the 2022 Matriculation Exams would be finished by December of this year.


The Matric class of 2022/2023 will receive its results in January 2023 once the matric exam grading is completed in December 2022. Official Matric Results Release Date Has Not Been Announced.

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The Department of Basic Education has yet to disclose the results of the matriculation, and many candidates are still waiting. There are several ways to verify your DBE Matric Results 2023/2024, however, one of the simplest is online. You can check your Basic Education Matric Results 2023/2024 online by following these procedures.

Matric Results Newspaper Pdf Download 2023/2024

The Department of Basic Education’s official webpage may be found at


Register with your information. (Please note that registration for matric results is only available up until February 22nd, the day before the results are announced.)

For the 2023 NSC exam results, click the link.

Type in your test number.


Your findings will appear on the screen.

To print, click the download button.

Visit the following official website link for further details:


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