National Benchmark Test 2024/2025

National Benchmark Test

National Benchmark Test 2024/2025

National Benchmark Test

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This page Carry information about the National Benchmark Test (NBT) 2024/2025.


What Exactly Are Non-Binding Promises?

  • The National Benchmark Tests assess your academic readiness (NBT). Others accept the NBTs alongside the National Senior Certificate (NSC) for admission to higher education, while some South African colleges use the exams to determine what kind of learning assistance a student may require while enrolled in classes.
    First-year students in higher education institutions take the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs). The NBTs are designed to evaluate a person’s ability to adapt their academic literacy, quantitative literacy, and mathematical proficiency to the demands of postsecondary education.

⇒ NBT Test Dates For 2024

What should I study for NBTs?

  • There are no practice tests or specialized study guides available. The NBT assesses your prior knowledge, including what you already know and are capable of doing. Visit the NBT website to learn more about the topics covered. Regardless of how many universities you apply to, you only need to take the tests once.

Are NBTs necessary?

  • All university applicants must take the National Benchmark Tests.
NBT cost
AQL & MAT R260
Re-mark R250

Is it possible to apply to college without an NBT?

  • For the 2024 academic year, no undergraduate programs require the NBT.
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How am I going to pass the NBT exam?

  • The free workbook is divided into subject and grade-level groups because a concentrated problem-solving approach to mathematics beginning in Grade 10 is ultimately the best way to adequately prepare for the MAT NBT.


  • NBTs are required for university admission in South Africa.

Prospective students should refer to the NBT table below.

Test dates


Download our spreadsheet to find out where to write your NBT on your chosen date.

View the 2023 intake National test dates in the calendar below;

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