Sassa SRD New Verification Methods

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Sassa SRD New Verification Methods

Sassa SRD New Verification Methods

New Verification Method for SRD R350 Grants From Sassa

This new requirement will change individuals who need to perform tasks such as clearing a referred status, opening a Postbank account, updating their mobile number, or selecting cash send payments.

The implementation of biometric identity verification aims to strengthen security measures and prevent fraudulent activities within the grant system.


SASSA SRD Identity Verification [COVID-19 SRD]

Clients who require any of these services listed below will be required to undergo identity verification through facial recognition:

How to Submit Banking Details to SASSA

  • Clearing of a referred status
  • Clients who have selected a Postbank account to be opened on their behalf
  • Clients wishing to update their mobile number
  • Clients requesting to be paid via the cash-send method
  • Clients will receive two SMSes from SASSA, please click on the link provided on the second SMS (Kindly note that this link is only valid for 3 days/ 72 hours).

⇒ How to Update Your SASSA R350 Grant Personal Details

The SASSA call centre can be contacted on 0800 60 1011 or [email protected] to request the SMS to be resent

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