Unisa Short Courses and Programmes and Requirements for 2024/2025

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Unisa Short Courses and Programmes and Requirements for 2024/2025: UNISA’s short courses and programmes give you skills and knowledge that put you ahead of others in the job market. These enable people to study part-time while advancing their careers.

Unisa Short Courses and Programmes and Requirements


This article lists UNISA short courses, fees, enrolment requirements, and other details.


UNISA colleges are prevalent academic institutions for short courses. Their programmes are highly competitive because they give scholars updated skills and knowledge for lifelong career growth. Consider enrolling in these courses to boost your eligibility for promotions and emerging job opportunities.


Unisa Short Courses and Programmes and Requirements for 2024/2025

Short Learning Programmes (SLPs) offer and improve specific skills required by individuals, society, or organizations. Below is a detailed list of 6 months courses at UNISA:

1. UNISA short courses in Business Management

The business management short courses under the UNISA College of Economic and Management Sciences. The college offers programmes in business management, banking, finance, insurance, and marketing, among others. Below is a list of UNISA short courses in Economic and Management Sciences, including health and safety programmes for business environments:

  • Course in Explosive Product Assurance
  • Course in Fundamentals of Banking and Risk Management
  • Course in Personal Financial Management
  • Course in Share and Forex Trading
  • Course in the Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Programme in Accelerated Public Management Development
  • Programme in Advanced Marketing Management
  • Programme in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Project Management (ODL)
  • Programme in Commercial Explosives Pyrotechnics and Explosives Legislation
  • Programme in Control of Explosives and Activities
  • Programme in Credit Management
  • Programme in Disaster Management (ODL)
  • Programme in Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Programme in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • Programme in Explosives Test and Evaluation
  • Programme in Financial Management
  • Programme in Industrial and Organisational Psychology
  • Programme in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Programme in Local Government Management (Contact)
  • Programme in Local Government Management (ODL)
  • Programme in Marketing Management
  • Programme in Primary and Secondary Explosives
  • Programme in Public Administration and Management (ODL)
  • Programme in Sales and Marketing
  • Programme in the Introduction to Explosives
  • Short Course in Basic Business Finance
  • Short Course in Basic Financial Life Skills
  • Short Course in Employee Wellness
  • Short Course in Organisational Development: Appreciative Inquiry Approach
  • Short Course in Refresher Training for Explosives Workers
  • Short Course in SMME Management

2. Short Learning Programmes in Accounting (College of Accounting Sciences)

The UNISA College of Accounting Sciences offers a number of short courses and programmes. Have a look at the following accounting short courses at UNISA:

  • Advanced Course in Value-Added Tax
  • Course in Accounting for School Governance
  • Course in Administration of Estates
  • Course in Fundamental Accounting
  • Course in Practical Bookkeeping
  • Course in Taxation
  • Course in Value-Added Tax
  • Programme in Forensic and Investigative Auditing

3. Short Learning Programmes in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

The College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences is at the UNISA Science Campus in Johannesburg. Below UNISA short courses in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences include:

  • Short Course in Environmental Law & Environmental Management Legal Enforcement
  • Short Course in Environmental Law and Liabilities for the Regulated Community
  • Short Course in the Introduction to Agribusiness Management
  • Course in Work Integrated Pharmacology and Legal Aspects for Laboratory Animal Technologists
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4. UNISA short courses in teaching

The UNISA College of Education strives to provide quality Open and Distance Learning (ODL) education programmes in Africa. Below is a list of UNISA short courses in education:

  • Course for Environmental Educators
  • Course in Basic Counselling
  • Course in Christian Counselling
  • Course in Curriculum Adaptations, Accommodations, and Modifications for Inclusivity
  • Course in Inclusive Education
  • Course in Life Skills Teaching
  • Course in Mathematics Education (Intermediate and Senior Phase)
  • Course in School Management
  • Course in Teaching Foundation Phase Mathematics
  • Course in Teaching Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Programme for Mathematics Literacy for FET Teachers
  • Programme for Physical Science Teachers
  • Programme in Advanced Counselling
  • Programme in Counselling Children and Adolescents
  • Programme in Grade R Teaching
  • Programme in Mathematics Teaching (Further Training and Education Band)
  • Programme in Training Practices for Educators and Trainers
  • Programme in online teaching and learning for TVET Lecturers
  • Short Course in Common Wealth Youth Entrepreneurial Education
  • Short Course in Integrating Information, Communication, and Technology in Teaching and Learning
  • Short Course in Mentoring, Guidance and Support of Teachers and Trainers
  • Short Course in Moderation of assessments
  • Short Course in Multigrade Teaching Methodologies and Assessment in Schools
  • Short Course in Norms and Standards in Early Childhood Education
  • Short Course in Teaching Accounting in Further Education and Training (FET) Phase
  • Short Course in Teaching Biodiversity: Life Sciences Grades 10-12
  • Short Course in Teaching Methodologies in Education
  • Short Course in The Support of Children at Risk


  • Workshop in Online Curriculum Delivery Support for FET Teachers

5. UNISA short courses in Human Sciences

The College of Human Sciences offers general academic and career-focused distance programmes in the arts, social sciences, humanities, religion, and theology. Below is a list of Human Sciences short courses at UNISA:

  • Course in English for Academic Research Writing
  • Course in Foundation Music Theory
  • Course in HIV/AIDS and Spiritual Care
  • Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Swati
  • Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Tsonga
  • Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Zulu
  • Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Afrikaans
  • Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Northern Sotho
  • Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Shona
  • Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Southern Sotho
  • Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Tswana
  • Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Venda
  • Short Course in Basic Communication Skills in Xhosa
  • Short Course in English for Speechwriting
  • Short Course in Interpreting the Gospel of Mark in Context
  • Short Course in the Introduction to Creative Writing

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  • Workshop in Business Writing Skills

6. UNISA short courses in Law

The history of the UNISA College of Law can be traced back to 1873. It comprises two schools; the School of Law (at UNISA’s Muckleneuk Campus) and the School of Criminal Justice (at Brooklyn House in Pretoria). The following UNISA short courses in Law will add value to your profession:

  • Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law
  • Advanced Programme in Children s Rights
  • Advanced Short Course in Business Rescue Practice
  • Advanced Short Course in Intellectual Property Management and Innovation
  • Course In Agricultural and Food Law of South Africa
  • Course in Anti-Corruption and Commercial Crime Investigation
  • Course in Corporate Law
  • Course in Law for the Music Industry
  • Course in the Introduction to Corporate Governance
  • Programme in Classification of Media Content in South Africa
  • Programme in Advanced Labour Law
  • Programme in Security Management
  • Short Course in Pension Funds Law
  • Short Course in Public Competition Law
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7. UNISA Short Learning Programmes in Science, Engineering, & Technology

The UNISA College of Science, Engineering, & Technology develops futuristic African engineers, scientists, and leaders who frontier innovation on the continent. UNISA Short Learning Programmes at this college include:

  • Advanced Short Course in System Engineering: A Hard Systems Perspective
  • Advanced Short Course in Systems Engineering: A Soft Systems Perspective
  • Advanced Short Learning Course in Sustainability Management
  • Advanced Short Learning Course in System Engineering Management
  • Advanced Short Learning Course in Value Engineering
  • Course in C++ Programming
  • Course in Computer Networks
  • Course in the Introduction to Java Programming
  • Programme in Industrial Engineering
  • Short Course in Advanced Information Security
  • Short Course in Applied Information Security
  • Short Course in Applied Project Management in an Information Technology Environment
  • Short Course in Database Design
  • Short Course in Database Implementation
  • Short Course in Designing and Implementing Telecommunication Networks
  • Short Course in Developing Web Applications with PHP
  • Short Course in I-SET Robotics Problem-solving, Data and Debugging
  • Short Course in ISET Robotics Components and Pedagogy
  • Short Course in Introduction to Information Security
  • Short Course in Introduction to Internet and Web Design
  • Short Course in Introduction to Visual Basic.Net Programming
  • Short Course in Introduction to Visual C#.Net
  • Short Course in Strategic Information Systems Planning in Practice

8. UNISA College of Graduate Studies’ SLPs

Short Learning Programmes offered at the UNISA College of Graduate School of Business Leadership include:

  • Advanced Programme in Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Executive Programme in Leadership, Ethics, Governance & Sustainability (LEGS)
  • Advanced Short Course in Global Business: Intra-Africa and Brics Trade and Investment
  • Advanced Short Course in Leading Authentically in a Technologically Disrupted World
  • Advanced Short Course in Fundamentals for Strategic Oversight in Information Technology for Board Members
  • Advanced Short Course in Big Data
  • B-BBEE Executive Development Programme
  • Executive Development Programme

Short courses application requirements

UNISA SLP applications are done online and within the given time frame. You need the following to apply for UNISA short course and other learning programmes:

  • A working email address
  • A mobile phone number
  • Scanned copies of your educational certificates, including tertiary academic record(s) (if applicable)
  • A copy of the official Copy of ID for RSA students and ID/Passport for international students
  • A copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree (if applicable)
  • Sworn translations of documents if they are not in Afrikaans or English (in PDF, DOC, or TIF formats).
  • You should upload all required documents in black and white and as individual files.
  • Each file should not exceed 2MB (2048KB).

UNISA short courses, 2024 fees

Tuition fees for UNISA short courses vary with the programme. The application fee is non-refundable even if you decide not to study at UNISA or do not qualify for admission.

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After choosing a course from the UNISA short courses prospectus, visit this learning institution’s fees quotation portal to discover how much a module or the whole course costs. The following UNISA short courses price list shows the tuition fee range for SLPs in business:

UNISA Short Learning Courses Cost per module Total Cost for Course
Banking programmes R1 400 R2 800
Business and general management programmes R1 450-R2 250 R1 860-R22 000
Business communication programmes R1 500 R6 000
Financial management programmes R1 620-R2 050 R1 620-R8 780
Human resource management programmes R1 500-R2 600 R3 000-R10 400
Insurance programmes R1 700 R3 400
Marketing management programmes R1 250-R2 000 R1 500-R9 000
The project, operations, production, TQM programmes R1 987.50-R2 975 R4 950-R8 500
Purchasing and supply chain programmes R1 350-R3 000 R3 000-R9 350
Retail management programmes R1 350-R1 500 R2 700-R7 500
Risk Management programmes R1 700-R2 000 R1 850-R11 900

UNISA college-specific enquiries

You can also contact UNISA colleges to find out about application and registration deadlines, tuition fees, enrolment qualifications, required course materials, and other details. Below are contact details for college-specific enquiries:

UNISA college Email addresses Phone numbers
College of Accounting Sciences [email protected] 012 429 4211
College of Agriculture &Environmental Sciences [email protected] 011 670 9351011 471 3647
College of Economic &Management Sciences [email protected] 012 429 3925012 429 4462
College of Education [email protected] 012 429 2645
College of Human Sciences [email protected] 012 429 8285
College of Law [email protected] 012 429 4718012 429 4860012 429 6166012 429 3253012 429 4428
College of Science, Engineering & Technology [email protected] 011 670 9228
College of Graduate Studies [email protected] 012 429 4644
Graduate School of Business Leadership [email protected] 011 652 0214

Are there UNISA nursing short courses?

Nursing courses do not appear on the UNISA short learning programmes list on the school’s website (as of November 2024). You can contact the institution to inquire about these short courses.

Can you study paramedic courses at UNISA?

As of November 2024, the school’s website has not listed paramedic courses on its list of short courses. However, there are numerous health and safety short programmes at the UNISA College of Economic and Management Sciences.

Are there graphic design short courses at UNISA?

You can get a good tech-related short course that aligns with graphic design at the UNISA College of Science, Engineering, & Technology.


#UNISA short courses are recommended for those interested in increasing their knowledge and skills. Both professionals and fresh graduates can find relevant short courses to enroll in at UNISA. shared all you need to know about studying medicine in South Africa.

There are diverse medical career opportunities in South Africa. You can be a biomedical engineer, midwife, physician assistant, speech pathologist, pharmacist, family nurse practitioner, and more.


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