Why Sassa R350 Grant Payments Have Been Delayed

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Why Sassa R350 Grant Payments Have Been Delayed

Despite receiving application approval, some Sassa beneficiaries of the R350 grant have been experiencing delays in receiving their grant payouts. This has prompted the agency to clarify the reasons behind the delays.
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Much to the frustration of some R350 grant beneficiaries in Mpumalanga, payment delays have yet again prevented them from receiving their monthly payouts. This has been indicated by a “pending” status on their application.

The Sassa provincial branch addressed the issue of delays in the approval and payment of the R350 grant by stating that the approval process follows a specific verification process to ensure that applicants do not receive any other form of income.

Sassa R350 Grant Verification Process

In a statement released on Tuesday, Sassa urged applicants to be patient, stating that if their application is still pending, it means that it has not yet been fully verified. The verification process includes checking citizenship with the Department of Home Affairs and verifying UIF registration with the Department of Employment and Labour.


Sassa stressed that the agency does not only verify banking details but also conducts thorough checks to ensure that all requirements are met before approval is granted. The agency advised applicants that when all verification processes are completed, their application status would be updated to “approved.”

Common Mistake In R350 Grant Applications

Sassa also highlighted that some beneficiaries experienced delays in receiving the grant after approval due to a failure to provide banking details. The agency clarified that applicants should provide banking account details, and not just the name of their bank, to ensure that payments are processed promptly.

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The R350 grant was initially reintroduced in April 2020 to provide financial relief to those impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is currently in its third cycle and is available to unemployed South Africans who are not receiving any other form of income.


The agency assured applicants that they are working tirelessly to ensure that all applications are verified promptly to allow for the timely payment of the R350 grant. Applicants are urged to be patient as the verification process takes time to complete.

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