Sassa Grant Payment Dates For June 2023

How To Do An SRD Grant Appeal For July

Sassa Grant Payment Dates For June 2023

We’ll provide you with the most recent information on the date of the April 2023 SASSA Grant Payment in today’s SASSA Grant Payment News below…

Sassa Grant Payment Dates For June

Sassa has released their 2023/2024 grant payment schedule. These dates will help beneficiaries prepare to collect their grants on the right dates.


The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is the agency tasked by the South African government to administer social grants to eligible citizens in the country. Sassa also provides various forms of social assistance, including grants for older persons, persons with disabilities, child support, and foster care grants.

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Sassa is responsible for the application, approval, and distribution of social grants to beneficiaries across the country. The agency plays a crucial role in providing support to vulnerable individuals and families in South Africa and assists them in affording basic goods and services.

These grants are distributed on a monthly basis.


The Sassa SRD R350 Grant

The Sassa SRD grant is a very popular social grant. It is also known as the Sassa R350 grant as it pays R350 each month to adults with no other income.

Are you looking for the Sassa R350 grant payment dates? The Sassa payment dates are very important so that you know what day you will receive the grant. But the #R350 grant is different from the other grants.

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The grant payment schedule for 2023/24 has officially been released. Here are the payment dates for the remainder of 2023, and the beginning of 2024.


June 2023

  • Older Persons – Friday, 2 June
  • Disability – Monday, 5 June
  • Children’s – Tuesday, 6 June

July 2023

  • Older Persons – Tuesday, 4 July
  • Disability – Wednesday, 5 July
  • Children’s – Thursday, 6 July

August 2023

  • Older Persons – Wednesday, 2 August
  • Disability – Thursday, 3 August
  • Children’s – Friday, 4 August

September 2023

  • Older Persons – Tuesday, 5 September
  • Disability– Wednesday, 6 September
  • Children’s – Thursday, 7 September

October 2023

  • Older Personst – Tuesday, 3 October
  • Disability – Wednesday, 4 October
  • Children’s– Thursday, 5 October

November 2023

  • Older Persons – Thursday, 2 November
  • Disability – Friday, 3 November
  • Children’s – Monday, 6 November

December 2023

  • Older Persons– Friday, 1 December
  • Disability – Monday, 4 December
  • Children’s – Tuesday, 5 December

January 2024

  • Older Persons – Wednesday, 3 January
  • Disability – Thursday, 4 January
  • Children’s – Friday, 5 January

February 2024

  • Older Persons– Friday, 2 February
  • Disability – Monday, 5 February
  • Children’s – Tuesday, 6 February

March 2024

  • Older Persons – Tuesday, 5 March
  • Disability – Wednesday, 6 March
  • Children’s – Thursday, 7 March

There is no fixed payment date for the temporary R350 grant.

Sassa Payment Dates

You do not need to rush to withdraw your payment on the first day; once the money has been sent to your account, it will remain there until you need it.


If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for a social grant from Sassa online.

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If you are in need of one of these grants, you can apply on the Sassa website. Each type of grant has different requirements, so ensure you meet the requirements for the grant you wish to apply for.

If your grant application is rejected, you can also submit an appeal through the Sassa website.


NOTE: There is no situation to withdraw money on the first day, claims #SASSA. The funds will stay in the account until they are required once they are deposited.

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